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Blue Eyed - Polled - Light Gold Buck

James is ADGA registered and his full name is:

AGS Holly SPGS James Dean

On the smaller side for a Nigerian Dwarf, he's quite the shorty!  But everyone loves him!



A small sample of our girls... visit the farm to see them all!



Born in 2011, these twin girls were the start of our Nigerian Dwarf herd. We purchased them as bottle babies around a week old and raised them as our own babies. They are still living it up here on the farm and they are spoiled rotten (if you have any kind of bottle, they still think they are babies and try to drink!). We love this family so much that we have 3 generations here on the farm now with 7 goats total making up this family. Besides Valentine and Sweet Stuff, the other family members are: Miracle, Little Hearts, Violet, and Juliet.



Martha is a very impressive Nigerian Dwarf goat. She has the best udder conformation and milk production of any of my Dwarf goats. On top of that, she's an excellent mom! She can be pretty shy with new people, but once she knows you she'll walk right up to you every time and ask for head scratches (her favorite thing of all time).



Harper is a Nigerian Dwarf goat with extra long horns! She also is one of the few goats on the farm that has waddles (little flaps of skin that hang down under her jaw). And as it turns out - Harper is a famous goat. She is the star of a video we posted on YouTube that shows her giving birth. As of 8/30/16 the video has over 81,000 views! Way to go, Harper!



Faberge is a registered Nigerian Dwarf goat born 4/5/15- but we purchased her in 2017 without papers.  She's already a hit on the farm.  Kids love seeing the "cow" looking goat! She loves the attention though, so be sure to say hello if you get the chance to meet her.



This beautiful girl was born Christmas Day in 2016 - hence the name.  She is actually a half sister to Faberge (above) as they are by the same father.  They really look so similar in the face!  And like her sister, she's a great milk producer from registered lines (but again we purchased without papers).

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